Hes-Pro (Finland) Oy is a Finnish family-owned company, with a staff of just over 80 employees.

Our operational philosophy is to make our own products with our own delicious recipes. Our philosophy dates back to the 1970s, when Hesburger founder Heikki Salmela developed his first mayonnaise. Salmela’s successful recipe spawned unbeatable flavours and innovations, one after the other.

We use, among others, oats, broad beans, peas and soy in our Hes-Pro Foods VPPs. Because we demand exceptionally high quality from our raw ingredients, we monitor them with precise raw ingredient specifications, among others.

Serbian Sojaprotein is the supplier of raw soybean products for Hes-Pro Foods. Read more about our raw soy ingredients.

Our ingredient supply chain can be traced to each product’s point of origin.